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Name:SQL Help
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A community for asking and providing help with SQL of any flavour.
About The Community

This community is for seeking and providing SQL assistance, for any flavour of SQL that exists.  You can ask anything from "how do I make a select statement?" to "please help me fine-tune my stored procedure".

Granted, if you ask a basic question, you may just get a link to or to the database's own documentation, but n00b questions are still welcome.  (I've always maintained that it's better to ask, even if it's dumb, than to do it wrong, so.)

I'd like to keep this restricted to things like queries and procedures and command-line methods, please.  Try to keep the "how do I install SQL Server" queries to somewhere else, like [community profile] tech or [community profile] questions, thanks.

Posting Notes

Anyone can join, anyone can post.  Whee!

First posts are moderated, because that helps me weed out potential spammers.  (I've run into this before.)  However, when I get your first-post submission, if it's not spam or drastically not for this community, I'll approve it and add you to the "post whenever" list, no worries.

Community Rules

If you already know how to behave yourself in a community, then do that here, &c.  I really don't want to have to spell out "no spam/flamewars/stalking/idiocy", for heaven's sake.

Additional notes:

* No asking folk to do your homework for you.

* For the love of taffy, no "this db is better!" wars.  Suggesting that using RDBMS[2] rather than RDBMS[1] for a poster's purpose is fine, but that creeping "Well, you could use that, if your head is full of cheese, but why not use something that's useful, like RDBMS[2]?" crap will not be tolerated.

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db2, ibm db2, mysql, oracle, postgre, postgresql, sql, sql anywhere, sql server, sqlite, t-sql
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